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Wooden Buildings

We are a dealer for Secure Portable Buildings. Our buildings feature quality material, quality construction and quality workmanship.      •Exposed nails are ring shank and galvanized for maximum strength and no rust spots or stains. •The 2X4 reinforced doors are designed to seal out rain and rodents and are key locked for your protection. •Series of air vents positioned to create optimum circulation and temperature control.  All exposed material is pressure treated.

Free Delivery and setup

We offer free delivery and setup to most parts of North Mississippi, and Southwest Tennessee on our Wooden Buildings, Carports, Metal Structures and Playsets

Metal structures

We are dealer for R&B Metal Structures. We Proudly can serve customers across the Southeast: Alabama--Georgia--Tennessee--Florida--Louisana--Kentucky--North Carolina--South Carolina and MIssissippi


We are dealer for Homstead Outdoor Woodcrafts. Our Pricing system allows you to match your choice of Watchtower or Playhouse with your choice of swing attachment. This allows you to design your playset to accomodate your specific needs

Polymer Play sets NEW for 2018

Also Offered through Homestead Outdoor Products.

*Lumber is premium treated Western Timber. Featuring Woodguard Polymer Coated Lumber--100% maintenance and splinter free! The benefits of coated lumber are endless, especially when it comes to playsets:

  • will not chip, crack, or peel
  • lumber will not twist or warp
  • U.V. stabilized formula--will not fade in the sun
  • Polymer coating protects the lumber
  • Solid wood core provides a 100% structural product
  • easy cleanup


Also Offered through Homestead Outdoor Products we offer a large selection of Gazebos both wooden and vinyl and a variety of styles to meet your needs.

About Us

Wooden Storage Buildings, Carports, and Playsets

We offer many different types of storage sheds, wooden storage buildings, garages, carports, and cabins built for your specific needs.  No matter what your needs are,   we have the right shed for you. We offer both cash and rent to own on our wood storage sheds. We can customize your building to fit your needs. Our storage buildings for sale are made from Quality Material and workmanship.

We Offer Rent to Own on Wood Buildings and Playsets

Rent to Own is an alternative to mini-storage and allows you to have storage in the convenience of your backyard.

RENT TO OWN PRICES ARE BASED ON 36 MONTHS. You can pay it off atany time with no penalty.  Also you are not required to keep your building and can return it at any time.

Free Deliver & Setup- Prompt Delivery -- Quality Material-Quaility Construction--Quality Workmandship

Wooden Buildings

*8' buildings come standard with 4x6 doors

*10' and 12' Buildings come standard with double doors

*6'6" walls are standard (except for cabins & garages, 8' walls). 

*All metal and shingle roofs have OSB and felt underneath. (Metal or Shingle roof, no extra charge)


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